Victor Bunin


«Victor Bunin gave an absolutely brilliant performance of Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on theme of Paganini. The pianist's way of performing combines both fine detaling and wide scale which are indispensible for fullfilling Rachmaninov's musical ideas. The artist's manner of piano playing is characterized by sincerity and a fine sence of measure.»

«Evening Moscow»


«The performing range of the pianist is very wide including Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Debussy... But the biggest interest shown by Bunin is the interest to music of our contemporaries,-soviet composers : Alexandrov and Feinberg's sonatas, Vladimir Bunin/Victor's father/ and Golubev's concerti, Razorenov's preludes and others. Many of those musical pieces were first performed by Victor Bunin. The pianist displayed a fine command of sound. We were under the impression that the music was being created just in the hall full of spectators. It is the highest level of mastery if  the music performed by the pianist seems to be composed by the pianist himself.»

«Kamchatskaja Pravda»


«Feinberg's Sixth sonata was performed by his pupil, now a professor of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Victor Bunin. The pianist's characteristic features are intellectual depth, a keen sence of style, and a fine perception of form. Bunin managed to convey a quaint world of nightly fantasies and dramatic effects of this expressively romantic composition.»

«Musical Life" /Moscow/


«Tiny liricism, restrained concentration and sincere romantism are intrinsic qualities of Alexandrov's music which are in accord with the pianist's performing inclinations. The artist convingcingly reveals the composer's inner world. He is a great success in conveying a wide gamut of emotions from swift burning passions to light liricism full of noble feelings and emotions.»

«Musical Life» /Moscow/


«I am one of numerous admirers of Victor Bunin's mastery talent. He always endeavours to understand the author's intentions concentrating his attention on conveying the content and style of the music performed.Victor Bunin performs many of my musical works, so I think my appraisal of Bunin's mastery is definitely trustworthy.»



"Augustine's Artists will be missed, the tradition of fine, adventuresome musical talent, exemplified by Victor Bunin's performance Sunday evening, will be remembered fondly by local classical music lovers"

"Anchorage Daily News", USA.


«His original manner of performance combines a bold sweeping touch, the singular depth of mood and feeling and brilliant virtuosity».

«Delo», Yugoslavia


«Soviet Union still nurtures musical talenl of the highest order.»

«Times», USA