Victor Bunin


An. Alexandrov    Sonata 4, Op.19
Sonata 8, Op. 50
Sonata - a fairy tale 13, Op. 90
Watercolor, Op. 66 2
Fairy Lullaby, Op. 33 1
Joke, Op. 33 4
R. Schumann     Arabesque, Op.18
Allegro Op.8
F. Liszt     Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody
An. Alexandrov - Sonata 14, Op.97
A. Scriabin    Two Etudies, Op.8, 11, 12
An. Alexandrov    Pages from diary
Notebook 1,Op. 94
Notebook 2,Op. 95
A. Rubinstein    Concerto 4 for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 70
Symphony Orchestra of the Central TV and All-Union Radio,
Conductor Eduard Serov
A. Alexandrov    Concert - Symphony for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 102
                   Symphony Orchestra of the Central TV and All-Union Radio,
                   Conductor Edward Chivzhel 
An. Alexandrov     Five Pieces for Piano, Op.110 (Memoirs)
S. Razorenov        Twelve Preludes for Piano
E. Golubev     Concert 1 for Piano and Orchestra, Op.24
Grand Symphony Orchestra of the Central USSR TV and Radio
Conductor Gennady Cherkassov
S.  Rachmaninov     Pieces-fantasies Op.3
Etudes-tableau, Op.39
Lilac, Op.21 5
Waltz, Op. 10 2
 R. Schumann    Allegro, Op. 8
Fantasia, Op. 17
Grande  Sonata, Op. 14
Tchaikovsky     The Seasons, Op.37 bis
A. Glazunov    Prelude and Fugue, Op.62
S. Rachmaninov    Two pieces for piano in 6 hands (with Eugene and Vladimir Bunins)
L.Beethoven     Andante favori
Fantasy Op.77
Sonata 15, Op.28
Sonata 26, Op. 81a
Sonata 31, Op.110
S. Feinberg     4 Preludes, Op.8
Sonata 6, Op.13
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 3, Op.44
Great Symphony Orchestra of the All-Union Radio and TV
Conductor - Gennady Cherkassov
J.S. Bach        Two choral preludes, BWV 665 and BWV 649 (Arranged by S. Feinberg)
A. Scriabin     Nocturne, Op.5 1
Five Impromptus, Op.10 1,2, Op.12 1, Op.14 1, 2
Two Etudes, Op. 8 11, 12
N. Medtner     Sonata, Op. 22
Rachmaninov     Six Moments Musical, Op. 16